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全然的愛與真實 Unconditional Love and Fact

這或許是,一個希望重新全然地相信情愛與接近事實的過程;只是它似乎沒有起點,也不存在想像的終點。這個過程,或許也是個無從選擇的狀態⋯ 我們所知的,永遠只是這個宇宙裡,極為微小的一部分⋯ 

在 2016 年獲選參與歐洲核子研究組織的「藝術加速」駐村計畫後,蘇文琪受科學家研究態度所啟發,觀察其研究宇宙萬物時開闊的想像與對於自然理應如是的熱情,某種對於研究假設所投入的信念與執著,幾近一種全然無條件的狀態,讓她回過頭思考,自己曾經全然地接受什麼?或者,什麼是支持我們去產生相信的元素? 而作為一個藝術創作者, 該如何從早已習以為常的生活中再次好奇的提問,如何重新擁抱一個無條件的狀態並且去體驗生命的無垠與未知? 此外,蘇文琪將首次邀請旅法舞蹈家林怡芳合作,共同探索這個走向無限的提問旅程。 

全然的愛,或許無法是深情的包容,而是在所有的情感交錯間真實的承受。 事實可能超越真假,企圖在有限的理解中,面對可能的未知和相對的無知? 

This may be a journey of regaining the unconditional acceptance in love and approaching the fact. However, the journey seems to have neither a starting point nor an imaginary ending. The journey is possibly in a state without choice...After all, what we are aware of is always a minuscule part of the whole universe... 

In 2016, SU participated in the artist residency project “Accelerate@CERN” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and was inspired by the scientists, who are dedicated to the fundamental research on the universe and its creatures, with unlimited imagination and also skepticism. Toward their research hypotheses—which inspired her to recall whether she had ever unconditionally accepted in anything? Or rather, what supports us to believe in anything? As an artist, how should she again curiously raise question from the ordinary. How would she embrace an unconditional state to experience the unlimited and unknown life? SU Wen-chi also invites LIN Yi-fang, a Taiwanese dancer based in France, to jointly explore the journey into the unlimited. 

Unconditional love may not be affectionate tolerance, but rather the genuine acceptance that prevails the intertwined sentiments and desire. The fact may lie beyond truth and false. How can we attempt to face the possible unknown and the relative ignorance with limited understanding?




概念&編舞 / 蘇文琪
編舞&演出 / 林怡芳
燈光設計 / Jan Maertens
燈光設計助理 / 徐子涵
空間&裝置設計 / 張暉明

聲音設計 / 吳秉聖
聲音設計助理 / 邱俊霖
服裝設計 / 覃康寧

創作陪伴 / 周伶芝

舞台監督 / 鄧湘庭
燈光技術指導 / 應可亭、王芳寧
舞台技術指導 / 林子含
技術執行 / 王芳寧、王翊同、李元運、金從道、周仁慈、林維辰、徐子涵、許惠婷、陳勁廷、鄭烜勛、蔡以淳、劉文奇

攝影 / 李欣哲
影像紀實 / 穀雨展演協創
節目製作 / 孫平
執行製作 / 吳可雲


特別感謝 / 江元浩、林谷珍、吳季璁、高涌泉、施茗粢、湯茂竹、游鳳玉、楊涵琇、廖祈羽、盧俊瑩、文化部「藝科倍速@台灣計畫」、國家同步輻射研究中心、ACCELERATE Taiwan | Arts@CERN、Performance Space

Concept,Choreography / SU Wen-Chi 
Choreography, performance / LIN I-Fang

Light Design / Jan Maertens 
Space and Installation Design / CHANG Huei-Ming 

Sound Design / WU Ping-Sheng 

Sound technician / CHIU Jung-ling

Costume Design / ZEIGARNIQ

Technical Director / DENG Siang-ting

Light Assistance / YIN Ke-ting, WANG Fang-ning

Stage assistant / LIN Zi-han

Photography / LEE Sin-je

Filming: Grain Studio

Producer: SUN Ping
Associate Producer: WU Ko-Yun


Produced during the Artists residency at the National Theater & Concert Hall

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