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Finalist reason:


Su Wenchi continues to combine dance, science and technology, and explores the grand philosophical proposition of the relationship between the small universe of body and the immense universe in her skillful artistic way. The endless amount of energy enriches the entire performance space, the most primitive witch-like singing, the sophisticated designed laser beam, with sound and light, and the almost ceremonial dance body, intertwined into an eternal question on Infinity. In the overall atmosphere, the laser beam that moves slowly with actuarial control is no longer cold, and the mathematics in progress is full of poetry. This performance can no longer be defined by dance alone, but should be regarded as a perfect integration of contemporary performing arts in various art fields.


從無止境回首 入圍第十七屆台新藝術獎




蘇文琪持續結合舞蹈與科技藝術,在純熟的藝術手法上,探索人這小宇宙與無垠的大宇宙之間的關係這一宏大哲學命題。源源不絕的巨大能量充塞整個表 演空間,最原始的巫祝般的吟唱吶喊,與最先進的雷射光束,以聲與光,跟近乎儀式般的舞蹈身體,交織成永恆的叩問。整體氛圍烘托中,以精算控制而緩慢移動的 雷射光束竟不再冰冷,行進中的數學充滿詩意。這演出已不能單純以舞蹈去界定,而應視為完美統合各藝術領域的當代表演藝術。

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