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Gandari is the lesser-known and underexplored character in Mahabhata. She is always associated with the evil/darker side of the epic story. She closed her eyes to what happened around her because she wanted to be as unseeing as her husband, who was born blind. But Geonawan Mohamad looks at her from a different angle. He sees her as a mother who daily recieved new of the Kaurava's-her childrend's - demise in the hands of their Pandava cousins. It was her grief that led her to close her eyes to the world.


Geonawan Mohamad's take is then transformed and connected to the relevant problems of today. Through this opera, the figuer of Gandari now exists as a concept. Moreover, the poem itself is not a complete story of Gandari, but merely a collage of Gandari's fate; there is no beginning and no end. This is also one the the main themes, or perspectives, manifested by the opera - Gandari as an idea or a concept, rather than a figuer to be presented on stage. 


The music composition also flows out of the same principal "governing" the text that inspires it - making it into something poetic. As well as the choreography, created by SU Wen-Chi. The movements were born out of a contemplation of Gandari, as a concept, that melds and unites with the music to create a collage. 


composition: Tony Prabowo

poet: Goenawan Mohamad

concept of dance:Su Wen Chi

choreography: Su Wen Chi, Danang Pamungkas, Luluk Ari Prasetyo, 

art director: Jay Subiyakto

lighting design: Joonas Tikkanen

costume designer: Chitra Subiyakto

video design: Taba Sanchabakhtiar

conductor: Bas Wiegers

soloist: Katrien Baerts

narrator: Landung Simatupang

ensemble: International Ensemble Modern Academy 

chorus director: Avip Priatna

choir: Batavia Madrigal Singers 

dancers: Danang Pamungkas, Luluk Ari Prasetyo


stage manager: Yasmina Zulkarnain

technical director: Wira Satya Aryosha

sound engineer: Norbert Ommer

projectionist / operator: Budiman

assistant costume designer: Osievani, Dona Handayani


producer: Wati Gandarum (for Taut Seni Foundation)

co-producer: Toto Arto

company manager: Korina D.Sebayang


A National Organisation Committee of Honorary Guest Indonesia at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 event – Ministry for Education and Culture. In cooperation with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the Frankfurt LAB.

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