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The 13th (2014) Taishin Arts Award Nomination


GUO Liang - Ting


Dance performances often feature mythological themes, and usually, technology is incorporated to accompany bodily expressions. Su Wen-Chi’s WAVE, however, manages to stand out as a rare dance piece that masterfully conveys mythological elements through technology. The array of lights in constant movement resembles the mystical order in mythology, and the oppressive wall of lights overhead signifies violence. Treading on stage, Su Wen-chi commands her body intrepidly as would an insect and a wild beast, reenacting the constant battle between human beings and technology. Additionally, WAVE is made unique by not falling into the traditional binarism between artificial technology and the human body. As the rays of lights flicker more rapidly, the sounds become even more aggressive and violent. The dancer’s body reacts to this crucial moment of total destruction caused by technology, not with submission, but with gestures that combine mechanical movements and ceremonial dances. Su’s body gestures resemble alternately a war machine, a witch, and a goddess. Given that the Shiva is a deity of dance and destruction in the Indian culture, Su assumes the role of Shiva in WAVE, showcasing how, in the world dominated by modern technology, we should carry ourselves while facing destruction. 



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